J. Kirk Richards, Portrait of Christ, Used with artist’s permission.


D&C 121:41–42, 45–46
2 Corinthians 6:1–7

For Younger Missionaries


  • Without decoupling our invitations to nonmembers, might we be perceived as not possessing unfeigned love? How can we demonstrate to others that our “faithfulness is stronger than the cords of death”?
  • Verse 46 promises that if we do as instructed the Holy Ghost shall be our constant companion. How is that essential to effective missionary service?


I play soccer with some older guys who are not members of the church…. One of the guys I play with is a good man who has coached my son and has a son on his team. We were at one of their games, and I prayed and told the Lord I would invite them but He would need to arrange it so I could.

After the game my friend and his whole family crowded around me and began talking to me, and I thought this is it, I better ask.

I told him I wanted to invite him to do something but that if he was not interested we would still be friends. I then asked if he and his wife would like to come to our home and learn more about our church. He said that he and his wife had been talking about the need their family has for a good church and had even seen my wife’s car at our church building and mentioned they should check out our church.

I was stunned. He and his wife both expressed their desire to learn more.

He texted me shortly before our scheduled meeting and apologized that they could not make it but said that they would like to come to church the next day. The whole family came. They stayed for all three meetings and said they enjoyed it…. [Afterwards] my friend said he was very interested, and he gladly accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon. They met the missionaries and have an appointment to hear the first lesson in our home in a few days.

I cannot tell you how good this has made [us] feel. We have felt the joy of being member missionaries, and it is awesome (Anon., “I Invited My Soccer Buddy,” The Power of Everyday Missionaries, http://www.everydaymissionaries.org/i-invited-my-soccer-buddy [accessed Dec 7, 2013]).


Invite Without Conditions


Jesus Christ
Blesses the Children


  • What would you ask the Lord to bless you with if you sat with Him?
  • If you had been there, would you have brought a friend to receive a blessing from Jesus? Can you do that now?


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