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How to Get the Most Out of This Study Guide

We invite you to use this study guide as a tool to improve your skills, overcome fears, and increase your desire to share the Gospel. We live in a remarkable time where the need for the Gospel is greater than ever, with marvelous tools available to help us succeed—including the tremendous surge of missionaries we will see in the coming days.

The reading for each day includes approximately 10-40 verses of scripture, questions to ponder, and insightful readings. We suggest you read the questions before turning to that day’s scriptures and reading. Each week addresses a theme with readings from: Preach My Gospel (days one and five), Clayton Christensen’s Everyday Missionaries (days two and three), a missionary from the scriptures (day four), supplemental material from the Ensign and other sources (days six and seven).

To facilitate your study, we invite you to follow the program at:

There you will find the daily reading assignment, questions, and resources, and additional online multimedia resources. We hope to enrich the experience for families by including sacred art, music, and video selections, including ones that appeal to children.

Perhaps most importantly, we hope you will use the website comment section to participate in a dialogue, sharing your questions, comments, successes, and feelings about each reading assignment. We hope you will find this feature as rewarding as we envision.

We express our deep appreciation to Deseret Book and to Brother Clayton R. Christensen for permitting us to include text from his book, The Power of Everyday Missionaries: The What and How of Sharing the Gospel, and from his website,

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