Three Angels with trumpet

J. Kirk Richards, Three Angel with Trump, Used with permission.


3 Nephi 19:1-14
Helaman 10:1-5



  • Why was it important for the disciples to teach the words of Jesus? What modern words of Christ can we share to wield that same power?
  • Why do you suppose the people’s desire to receive the Holy Ghost was perhaps even greater than their desire to have Christ return the next day? How can we increase our desire to have the Holy Ghost constantly with us?
  • Have you witnessed how even the slightest effort in missionary work brings you closer to the Spirit of the Lord? Why do you suppose this is so?

The Visions and Blessings and Glories of God—

Feeling the Spirit of God Again

After I finished business school at age twenty-seven and began my career, in imperceptible increments I began to feel the Spirit less and less in my life. I was serving as a counselor to Bishop Kent Bowen in Boston, and I was spending a lot of time and energy to magnify that assignment. I was praying and studying the scriptures regularly, and yet despite my doing all these “right” things, I just felt that the Spirit was not with me as much as I had felt it when I was on my mission in Korea.

Then we moved to Washington, D.C., where I was to work as a White House Fellow. All of a sudden, we lived and worked and commuted with new people, and I found myself with many more opportunities to discuss the gospel with my new friends. In short order after our move, two of my colleagues accepted my invitation to come to our home and take the missionary discussions.

Before one of our lessons with them, we were scurrying around to clean things up. I put a tape of the Mormon Youth Symphony and Chorus into our stereo, and the choir began playing their rendition of “The Spirit of God” (Hymns, no. 2). I was in the dining room when they began the third verse:

We’ll call in our solemn assemblies in spirit,
To spread forth the kingdom of heaven abroad,
That we through our faith may begin to inherit
The visions and blessings and glories of God.

As I heard those words, a powerful and sweet spirit entered my heart, and I realized what had been happening in my spiritual life. With our move to Washington, I had begun again to do my part in spreading forth the kingdom of heaven abroad. And what I inherited as a result were the visions and blessings and glories of God. I had begun feeling the Spirit again on a daily basis. My dreams were about spiritual things, and I was singing the hymns of the Restoration as I walked to the bus stop.

I’ll summarize the lesson I learned from this with a metaphor. In a war, the generals give the state-of-the-art weapons to those soldiers who are on the front lines engaged in direct combat with the enemy. To those of their troops who work in administrative positions behind the lines, they’ll give less-potent tools. What had happened in Boston was that I had been spending more of my Church service on administrative things. I actually could do most of those kinds of things effectively, without needing to rely very heavily on the Spirit. But in becoming an active missionary again, I had essentially repositioned myself onto the front lines in the war against Satan over the souls of men. This meant that I needed the Spirit with me every day.

Hence, under license given to each of us in section 4 of the Doctrine and Covenants, I “called myself” on a mission. I love my life as a missionary, keeping myself on the front lines. The image in my mind is that God, my General, stands at the door when I go out every morning; and, knowing what the war is like, day after day He gives me His most powerful weapon: His Spirit. For this I am grateful (Clayton M. Christensen, The Power of Everyday Missionaries, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2013, 3–5).


How to Be an
Everyday Missionary


Activity Day Rescuers


  • Can you think of friends that would enjoy Activity Days or Cub Scouts?
  • Have you felt the Spirit of the Lord when you have invited others to join with you in church or family events?
  • Doesn’t it get easier each time you make an invitation?


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