Domenico Fetti, Moses before the Burning bush, Kunsthistorisches Museum, (Public domain), via Wikimedia Commons.


Romans 10:13-17
Moses 1:1-10

For Younger Missionaries


  • How did Moses’ new knowledge of who he was and what God expected of him change him? Can our testimony help others to better know who they are and what God expects?
  • Where do we fit into the steps Paul outlines for a person to be able to call upon the Lord and be saved?
  • When the scriptures speak of beautiful feet upon the mountain, are they speaking of you?


1. Bear testimony by and through the Spirit. Timing is often critical. By cultivating the gift of the Spirit called discernment, by praying specifically for the spirit of a testimony, and by being open and receptive, we will come to know when and how to bear testimony. It is inappropriate, even destructive, to bear testimony when the Spirit isn’t present, when love is not felt, when the teaching has been vague and confusing, and when our personal lives clearly do not comport with our words….

2. Testify when you feel full of love. In fact, showing love when teaching gospel truths is a form of testimony in itself. People often cannot receive more light and truth except on conditions of being loved in various ways, including teaching and testifying, praying with and for them, encouraging and affirming them, empathizing with and understanding them, and walking with and sacrificing for them. Many parents, teachers, and member missionaries who do the first three and not the last two would be amazed at the power of all five together.

3. Testify to people, not at them. The purpose is to bless people, not to blast them. Even in those instances in scriptural history when pure testimony was being borne against the souls of people, the ultimate motive was to call (shake) to repentance and to bless, not to condemn….

4. Occasionally, as moved by the Spirit, testify of the identity and worth of the other person and of his or her ability, with God’s help, to accept and obey the truth given, and also of the power or freedom to choose to obey. As a mission president, I wrote a letter to each new convert asking for a letter in return outlining the conversion process, including the problems and obstacles confronted. About half of the responses indicated that from the very beginning they never doubted the truth of the message. They doubted themselves. They doubted their worth or their ability to live the truth.

But when people become aware of their own eternal identity, of their godly potentialities and of their agency or power to choose their response in any set of circumstances, a vital something is unlocked and released….

5. Testify, as impressed, of how testimony comes. Testimony comes from the Holy Ghost; it comes to one who is open and seeking and who is trying to be true to the truth already given. Otherwise, many people carry the cultural notion that the way to truth is intellectual, which is part of it but certainly not the important part. People will come to know the truth to the degree they are true to the truth. To find truth, we must set out to be true….

6. Occasionally, identify the Spirit when you sense it and feel that others sense it also. Otherwise, many get a wrong idea of what to expect and like “fish who discover water last” will continue looking through a false-expectation lens for the more dramatic and mystical, “looking beyond the mark” (Jacob 4:14), discounting the sweetness, the mind-heart harmony, and the quiet reassuring peace of the still small voice.

“My friend, the same sweet peaceful spirit you and I both feel right now is the same spirit you will feel when you prayerfully ponder the Book of Mormon.”…

The way we live is our clearest testimony, particularly under strain and threat. Over time it reflects what we really believe. If it is in harmony with what we say we believe, the Lord will use us and bear testimony through us in some way to every person we meet….

Relatively few of our Father in heaven’s children possess testimonies of those precious truths and powers which alone can heal individuals and families and even nations” (Stephen R. Covey, “How to Testify,” Ensign, Oct. 1977).


I Am a Son of God


The Pearl of Great Price


  • How was Moses able to get Satan to leave?
  • Will Satan try to get us to follow him when we are about to work for Jesus? How do we overcome his temptations?


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