Unknown Artist, Joseph Smith’s First Vision Stained Glass, Museum of Church History and Art, (Public domain), via Wikimedia Commons.


JS-H 1:9-20

For Younger Missionaries


  • Why did the Lord wait until Joseph Smith asked to begin the restoration of the Gospel?
  • How often do you ask for wisdom and guidance in missionary work?


I got to the church building early one morning to make some final preparations for a funeral service which would be held there later that day…. I noticed a florist had just pulled up and he was getting a flower arrangement out of the van. I opened the door to greet him and invited him inside to set-up the flowers in the appropriate place.

When he finished, he said to me, “You know, I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 30 years. This is my favorite church in the area, but do you know, I’ve never been inside? I’ve always wanted to see if the inside was a beautiful as the outside but I’ve never had the chance.”

I asked if he had time for a tour. He did, and we spent the next 20 minutes walking from the chapel, where I explained how Latter-day Saints worship on Sundays, to some classrooms, past the clerk’s office, where I shared why we tithe, and ended up at the baptismal font where I testified about that saving ordinance. I asked about his own faith and his own beliefs in the Savior…. By finding out what he was interested in (that he wanted to learn about what we do in our church buildings) and discovering his questions (by asking about his own beliefs and what his unanswered, spiritual questions are), we had a great conversation. I told him what time our church services are on Sunday and that he and his family are always welcome to join us…. [I learned] three things…

1. People want to come inside our … buildings and learn what we do….

2. An invitation to church doesn’t only mean to Sacrament Meeting….

3. Teaching others about the church is easier and more effective when we focus on what they want to know instead of what we want to tell them (Anonymous, “I’ve Always Wanted to See inside Your Church,” The Power of Everyday Missionaries. [accessed Dec 7, 2013]).


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Joseph Smith’s First Vision


  • What led Joseph to go pray in the grove?
  • Do you think there are many in the world who need to be lead to pray?
  • What are some ways you might lead your friends to pray?
  • What if Joseph had given up when people made fun of him?


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