James Tissot, Jesus Appears to the Holy Women,  Brooklyn Museum, Purchased by public subscription.


Alma 34:34-38; 40:9–14
Ecclesiastes 12:7
D&C 137

For Younger Missionaries


  • Can we put off the work of the Lord and expect to have his Spirit with us when we are ready?
  • While studying Alma 34:34-38 please consider: How would you explain to a friend that in the resurrection we will be judged for our desires as well as for our actions? Why is it so important that your friend understand this aspect of the resurrection?
  • Alma 40:10 tells us that “God knoweth all times which are appointed unto man.” Is now the time for your friend or neighbor to learn about the restored gospel? What can you do to find out?

The Spirit World

Even though Christ conquered physical death, all people must die, for death is part of the process by which we are transformed from mortality to immortality. At death our spirits go to the spirit world. Death does not change our personality or our desires for good or evil. Those who chose to obey God in this life live in a state of happiness, peace, and rest from troubles and care. Those who chose not to obey in this life and did not repent live in a state of unhappiness. In the spirit world the gospel is preached to those who did not obey the gospel or have the opportunity to hear it while on earth. We remain in the spirit world until we are resurrected….

The Resurrection, Judgment, and Immortality

When our bodies and spirits are reunited through the resurrection, we will be brought into God’s presence to be judged. We will remember perfectly our righteousness and our guilt. If we have repented, we will receive mercy. We will be rewarded according to our works and our desires.

Through the resurrection all people will become immortal—they will live forever. Immortality is a free gift to all people, whether they are righteous or wicked. Eternal life is not, however, the same as immortality. Eternal life is a gift of God given only to those who obey His gospel. It is the highest state that we can achieve. It comes to those who are freed from sin and suffering through the Atonement of Christ. It is exaltation, which means living with God forever in eternal families. It is to know God and Jesus Christ and to experience the life they enjoy….


  • Follow the Spirit—when we respond to questions about the Church, we essentially bear testimony.
  • Gauge the situation—in less than ideal situations, share a brief, simple testimony and invite them to continue the conversation at better time and place.
  • Gauge the listener—is this person a mother? Talk about families or Relief Society. Is this person in college? Talk about the guidance of the Holy Spirit and eternal perspectives the plan of salvation imparts.
  • Address what initially interests people in the Church.

Kingdoms of Glory

During our mortal lives we make choices regarding good and evil. God rewards us according to our works and desires. Because God rewards everyone according to deeds done in the body, there are different kingdoms of glory to which we may be assigned after the Judgment. Those who have repented of their sins and received the ordinances of the gospel and kept the associated covenants will be cleansed by the Atonement of Christ. They will receive exaltation in the highest kingdom, also known as the celestial kingdom. They will live in God’s presence, become like Him, and receive a fulness of joy. They will live together for eternity with those of their family who qualify. In the scriptures this kingdom is compared to the glory or brightness of the sun.

People who do not accept the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ but live honorable lives will receive a place in the terrestrial kingdom. This kingdom is compared to the glory of the moon.

Those who continued in their sins and did not repent in this life will receive their reward in the lowest kingdom, which is called the telestial kingdom. This kingdom is compared to the glory of the stars (Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service, 2004, 52–53).


We Can Live with God Again


Alma Counsels His Sons


  • Isn’t is interesting how Alma changed from an enemy of the church to one of its greatest missionaries?
  • Does this mean that even our friends who have unkind feelings toward the church could become strong and faithful members?
  • How can keeping a journal (like the plates) make you a better missionary?
    If we live in sin (like Corianton) can we be effective missionaries?


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