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1 Nephi 1

For Younger Missionaries


  • When Father Lehi heard the voice of warning from the prophets of his day, he prayed with all his heart for his people. What do you think his petitions consisted of?
  • When Lehi preached to the people, were his efforts well received? Did it stop him? What tender mercies have you seen when you have shared the gospel?


Father Lehi

Happiness comes as a result of our obedience and our courage in always doing the will of God, even in the most difficult circumstances. When the prophet Lehi warned the inhabitants of Jerusalem, they mocked him, and, as with other ancient prophets, they sought to take away his life. I quote the prophet Nephi: “I … will
show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of
deliverance” (1 Ne. 1:20).

When I was serving as a missionary in northern Mexico, a few days after the baptismal service of the Valdez family, we received a telephone call from Brother Valdez asking us to come to his house. He had an important question for us. Now that he knew the will of the Lord regarding the Word of Wisdom, and even though it would be difficult to find a new job, he wondered if he should continue to work for the cigarette company where he had worked for many years. Only a few days later Brother Valdez again asked us to come by and visit him. He had decided to quit his job because he was not willing to go against his convictions. Then with a smile and emotion in his voice, he told us that the very day he quit his old job, another company had called to offer him a much better position.

Yes, we find happiness in the midst of the trial of our faith. The Lord manifests Himself to us through His tender mercies, which we find along the road of happiness. We see with increased clarity His hand in our lives (Benjamín De Hoyos, “True Happiness: A Conscious Decision,” Ensign, Nov. 2005).


Eyewitness News at 6:00


Lehi Warns the People


  • Do you think most people today are as wicked as the people in Lehi’s day? Does that make you care less for them or more?
  • Does it comfort you that the Lord protects Lehi from the wicked people? Will He do that for you?


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