Meister des Mausoleums der Galla Placidia, Good Shepherd, mosaic in Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Ravenna. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.


There is no scripture reading assigned today. Use this day to catch up as needed and ponder the supplemental reading.

For Younger Missionaries

Missing in Action

Many years ago I was driving along University Avenue near the mouth of Provo Canyon when I saw ahead of me the traffic slowing down. Up ahead there were police cars with their lights flashing, a fire truck, and several search and rescue vehicles all huddled together, blocking the road into Provo Canyon. At first I was annoyed since it seemed like we might be there for a long time. I was also curious—what was causing all the commotion?

As I looked up the rock face along the east side of the entrance to Provo Canyon, I saw some men climbing. I assumed they were the search and rescue people. What were they climbing to? Eventually I saw it. Somehow a ewe, a lost sheep, had made her way about 25 feet (8 m) up the rock face, and she was stranded there. She was not a mountain goat or mountain sheep, just a white ewe separated from a shepherd’s flock….

As I drove away, a concern bothered me. While the search and rescue personnel were certainly well intentioned, how would the ewe react to them? I’m sure they had a plan for how they would calm her—perhaps they would shoot her with a tranquilizer dart from a close distance so they could catch her before she fell. Knowing nothing of their plan but knowing a little about how animals react to being cornered by strangers, I worried about the feasibility of their rescue effort. And then I wondered, “Where is the shepherd?” Certainly he would have the best chance of approaching the ewe without alarming her. The shepherd’s calming voice and helping hand were what the situation needed, but he seemed to be missing in action.

As members of the Church, sometimes we seem to be missing in action, just like this shepherd…. [You and I) are the shepherds, and the full-time missionaries, like the search and rescue team, are trying to do something almost impossible for them to do alone. Certainly the full-time missionaries will continue to do the best they can, but wouldn’t it be better if you and I stepped up to do a job that is rightfully ours and for which we are better suited since we know personally those who are lost and need to be rescued? (L. Tom Perry, “Bring Souls unto Me,” Ensign, May 2009).


A Rescue Effort


Jesus Declares the
Parable of the Lost Sheep


  • Do you know any lost sheep?
  • Why was the shepherd happier with finding the one lost sheep than with the 99 who were not lost?
  • Have you ever been lost? How did you feel? How did you feel about those who found you?


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