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Alma 37:36–37
2 Nephi 32:8–9

For Younger Missionaries


  • What does it mean to “let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever?” How does that apply to missionary work?
  • How do we “consecrate [our] performance”? Can this make everything we do work to the benefit of the Lord’s kingdom and our exaltation?
  • If everything depended on it, and you prayed sincerely, could you touch at least one life for good every day?


I Took the Challenge

I have given the Book of Mormon away many times in my life, but after reading [the] Everyday Missionaries book, I realized that I needed to write down a date by when someone would say yes to listen to the missionary lesson.


In the next week, prayerfully consider and choose a date to have someone taught in your home.

  • Choose a date, not a name.
  • Make a real commitment, one that you will honor at all costs.
  • Continue to pray for someone to be led to you.
  • We cannot tell and should not judge.
  • Use Mormon words.
  • Truly love.
  • Find out what their questions are.
  • Invite to serve.
  • Decouple the friendship from the invitation.

So I set a date for the end of August. I was teaching a training class to some of my employees, and as they completed their assignments, I would give an award away to the first one to complete each one—that of a choice of books.

One of the choices was a book by Joseph Fielding McConkie, Understanding the Power God Gives Us. A lady in class who won the weekly award chose this book.

After the class I congratulated her on her choice and suggested that to really understand the book, it would help if I could give her a little religious background. She agreed, so I had another female employee who is a Church member come into my office during a lunch break, and we explained the Plan of Salvation.

She thought it made sense, even though she had never had any religious training in her 50-something years of life. In fact she had never read the Bible or been to any church.

A few weeks later after reading the book, I asked her if she had any questions, and she said that she was reading it the second time to try

and understand more. I suggested that before she did that, I would like to tell her about another book that might help.

She agreed, so the same female, Church-member employee sat in again on a lunch meeting, and we explained what the Book of Mormon is—the Stick of Joseph. She agreed to read it.

A few weeks later, I planned to invite her to take the missionary lessons. She excitedly came into my office on Monday morning to show me a photo on her cell phone of her 17-year-old son who was baptized the past weekend. She and her husband had attended—even though her husband went reluctantly.

She wanted to take the lessons, and I suggested we figure out a way to have her husband involved first if possible. For the past month, he has not been willing, and she is about ready to just do it on her own (Anonymous, “I Took the Challenge,” The Power of Everyday Missionaries, [accessed Dec 7, 2013]).


The Gathering of Israel


A Child Shall Lead Them


  • What kept the father from being baptized for so long?
  • What did Anna keep doing to help her father get baptized?
  • Can a fourth grader really help an adult to join the church?
  • Do you know your family history?
  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be with this family when they get sealed?


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