Minerva Teichert, An Angel Appears to Alma and the Sons of Mosiah, Brigham Young University Museum of Art.


Alma 32:27–33
D&C 33:2–7

For Younger Missionaries


  • How does the planting of the seed allegory relate to missionary work?
  • How can the Lord say in the same phrase that this is a crooked and perverse generation and that the field is white and ready for harvest?
  • Have you ever felt that you have thrust in your sickle with “all your might, mind, and strength?”

The Power of Everyday Missionaries: Finding Someone to Say “No”

My friend Ben told me this story…: “First, Clay, you say that you can’t predict in advance who, of all the people you’ll meet, is going to be interested in learning about the gospel—right? Second, as a general rule you say that about one of four people whom you invite will say ‘yes.’ This means that you’ll hear ‘no’ three times for each ‘yes’ you’ll hear. Right? That is a hard one because I am fragile about things like this. If I fail the first time, it is really hard for me to try again,” Ben explained…. “But I figured out how to solve this paradox. I promised the Lord that I would find someone who would say ‘no’ to my invitation. That’s right. Someone who will say ‘no.’ That is easy. Sure enough, the first person I asked said ‘no’—and I had succeeded! Finding someone to say ‘no’ was a lot easier than I had thought!”

Ben then set a goal to find three additional people to say ‘no.’ The next person surprised Ben by accepting! That was all it took for Ben. He learned that inviting people really is easy because you succeed when you invite, regardless of how it turns out. Nothing succeeds like success. My faith deepens every time I invite someone. This is a key reason why making a single initial invitation, like Ben did, can be so important: because it helps you feel the seed grow (see Alma 32). As the seed grows, you begin to believe that God can actually help you find someone to hear the missionary discussions, if you will just do your part and invite. This understanding has made missionary work much easier for me…. Most of us fear failure. Once we have realized that we succeed as member missionaries when we invite people to learn and accept the truth, much of the fear that kept us from sharing the gospel vanishes…. We succeed when we invite (Clayton M. Christensen, The Power of Everyday Missionaries, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2013, 22–23).


Our Responsibility to Invite


Alma Teaches about Faith and
the Word of God


  • Have you felt how your seed of faith is growing?
  • How can you help a friend plant and nourish their own seed of faith?


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