Minerva Teichert, Helaman’s Striplings/Samuel the Lamanite, Brigham Young University Museum of Art.


Helaman 13:1–6; 14

For Younger Missionaries


  • Nephi was the prophet of that day—why would the Lord send Samuel to prophesy?
  • When Samuel’s efforts were rejected, did he give up? How much effort (and vocal strength!) would it have taken to get up on that wall to preach?
  • Do you think Samuel ever saw a convert from his efforts? Do you think the Lord sent him to convert or to testify? Is that any different than our commission?

Learn from a Missionary: Samuel the Lamanite

Has the world ever seen a more classic example of indomitable will, of faith and courage than that displayed by Samuel the Prophet: “One of the Lamanites who did observe strictly to keep the commandments of God” (Hel. 13:1). Visualize, if you can, this despised Lamanite standing on the walls of Zarahemla and while arrows and stones were shot at him, crying out to his white accusers that the sword of justice hung over them. So righteous was he that God sent an angel to visit him. His predictions were fulfilled in due time relating to the early coming of Christ, his ministry, death and resurrection, and the eventual destruction of these Nephite people. So great faith had he that the multitudes could not harm him until his message was delivered and so important was his message that subsequently the Savior required a revision of the records to include his prophecies concerning the resurrection of the Saints (Hel. 13–16; 3 Ne. 23)….

Among these children of God were many prophets, and fires would not burn them; stones and arrows could not hit them; prisons could not hold them; pits could not be dug deep enough to imprison them. Among these, the children of the covenant, their lame walked; their blind ones saw; their deaf heard; their dumb spoke; the dead lived again. Among these, the remnant of Jacob, the rich were humble; the poor were provided for; the oppressed were rescued; justice reigned; and freedom was a reality. Among these, the branch of the tree of Israel, the Holy Ghost whispered to them; angels ministered to them; the Creator and Master visited them (Spencer W. Kimball, “Who Is My Neighbor?” Ensign, May 1949, 103).


Israel, Israel, God is Calling


Samuel the Lamanite
Tells about Jesus


  • What do we learn from Samuel about being a missionary?
  • Will the Lord protect you as He did Samuel, when you are doing his work?
  • Do you know what signs we will see before Jesus comes again?


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