Pieter de Grebber, Elisha Refusing Gifts from Naaman, [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.


2 Kings 5:1–14



  • Why did Naaman react the way he did to Elisha’s directions to bathe in the River Jordan? Do you have issues that undermine God’s simple, but
    demanding, commandments to care for others?
  • Why can we organize, plan, and produce a multi-faceted church activity yet we find it so difficult to invite a person to church?

We Need Faith

Despite the Savior’s assurances that the small things are the big things, many in the Church feel inferior for never having served in presidencies or bishoprics….
I once felt passed over when another man was called to a leadership position I had felt I might receive. In the crisis of self-confidence that ensued, I realized that because our minds are finite, we create hierarchies and statistically aggregate people. We perceive stake presidents to be higher than bishops and Primary presidents higher than Primary teachers because they preside over more people. But God has an infinite mind. He needs no statistics above the level of the individual in order to have a perfect understanding of what is happening. This means, I realized, that the way God will measure my life is not by the numbers of people over whom I have presided but by the individual people whose lives I have touched with His love and with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

With this sense of my most important calling, I began to fast and pray that God would give me opportunities daily to bless and help people. As I acted upon the promptings I received, it was as if God spoke to me more frequently because He knew I was listening. This period in my life proved to be one of extraordinary spiritual growth. There is a calling far higher than that of stake president, bishop, or Relief Society president. It is to be a doer of good, a disciple of Christ, an intermediary through whom God answers others’ prayers.

Just as Naaman had to overcome initial skepticism when Elisha prescribed a simple cure for his leprosy, we need faith to follow God’s simple instructions…. It takes faith to take God at His word (Clayton M. Christensen, “‘My Ways Are Not Your Ways’,” Ensign, Feb 2007, 54–59).


We Rejoice in Christ


The Prophet Elisha—
Three Miracles


  • Does missionary work sometimes require a miracle? What makes miracles? What do we have to do to experience a miracle?
  • Did Naaman almost not get healed? What finally allowed him to be healed?
  • Do we have to be obedient to receive miracles in missionary work?

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