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Alma 22; 23:1–6

For Younger Missionaries


  • The king has questions about the Spirit of the Lord and the judgment of God. Why do you think these two are at the top of his list? What if Aaron had taught what he thought the king should know instead of what the king wanted to know?
  • The king says he will believe whatever Aaron says. Why does he have such confidence? How do we develop the character traits that make us credible and wise? How does exaggeration or embellishment diminish our credibility?
  • In Alma 20:23, the old king offers half his kingdom if Ammon will spare his life. In 22:15, he offers to give everything to receive the Spirit and to be born again. In 22:18, he says that he will forsake all his sins to know God. What is making this investigator progress? How do we teach and live in a way that leads people to desire the things the king desires? Can you imagine Aaron’s joy in hearing the king’s expressions?


It won’t be enough for them simply to listen to the word of God. They must choose to keep commandments because they feel at least a beginning desire to know the will of our Heavenly Father and submit to it. That feeling of surrender is not likely to come unless they experience some feeling of being loved and some value in their being meek and lowly of heart.

You can help with your example. If you love them because you feel God’s love for them, they will feel that. If you are meek and humble because you feel your dependence on God, they will sense that, too.

In addition to your example, you can teach the word of God to them in a way that is more likely to give them a desire to repent and to try to live it. They may think they have heard preaching enough. But they must do more than hear the word of God; they must plant it in their hearts by trying it.

You can make that more likely if you talk with them about it in a way that helps them feel how much God loves them and how much they need God.

Aaron, one of the great missionaries in the Book of Mormon, knew how to teach that way…. The king’s heart had already been prepared by seeing love and humility in the way Aaron’s brother had treated Lamoni, his son. But even with that preparation of the old king’s heart, Aaron taught the word of God in a way to emphasize God’s love and our need for him….

When you touch the hearts of people you serve, you won’t do everything exactly the way Aaron did. But you will do some of the same things. You will try to help them feel that God loves them by the way you treat them. You will be humble so that they are more likely to choose to be meek and lowly of heart. You will teach the word of God, when the Spirit prompts you, in a way that testifies of God’s love for them and their need for the atonement of Jesus Christ. And you will teach them commandments they can keep…. You know that when they keep commandments they plant the seed. And you know that it will grow, their souls will be expanded, and that when that happens their faith will increase.

You not only know what to do but you know when the Spirit is apt to prompt you to do it. The times people will be most likely to choose to try the word of God, to repent, will be when they feel at least the beginnings of his love for them and their dependence on him (Henry B. Eyring, “To Touch a Life with Faith,” Ensign, Oct. 1995).


True Repentance Brings Hope


Aaron Teaches
King Lamoni’s Father


  • How did King Lamoni’s Father gain his testimony?
  • How many do you think were baptized because Alma’s was willing to share his testimony?
  • Alma was teaching the King of a people who were enemies of the Nephites. If he could do that, can’t we share with our own friends?


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