James Tissot, Could You Not Wait with Me One Hour, Brooklyn Museum, Purchased by public subscription.


Alma 11:40; 34:8–16; 42:22–25
2 Nephi 9:21–24

For Younger Missionaries


  • What aspects of Christ’s Atonement are infinitely applicable? Which are conditionally applicable?
  • How does Christ’s Atonement fulfill the Law of Moses?
  • What part do gospel ordinances play in applying the Atonement?

Cleansed from Sin

God sent His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, into the world so that all of God’s children would have the possibility of returning to live in His presence after they die. Only through the Savior’s grace and mercy can we become clean from sin so that we can live in our Heavenly Father’s presence. Becoming clean from sin is being healed spiritually (see 3 Nephi 9:13; 18:32).

Because of Christ’s Atonement and Resurrection, all people will be brought back into the presence of the Lord to be judged according to their works and their desires (see 2 Nephi 9:10–16; Helaman 14:15–18; 3 Nephi 27:14–22; D&C 137:9). We will be judged according to the laws of justice and mercy.

Justice is the unchanging law that brings consequences for actions—blessings for obedience to God’s commandments and penalties for disobedience. We all commit sin. Sin makes us unclean, and no unclean thing can live in God’s presence (see 1 Nephi 10:21; 3 Nephi 27:19; Moses 6:57).

The Savior satisfied the demands of justice for those who repent of their sins and endeavor to keep all of His commandments when He stood in our place and suffered the penalty for our sins. This act is called the Atonement. Because of this selfless act, Christ can plead with the Father on our behalf. Heavenly Father can apply mercy, withhold punishment from us, and welcome us into His presence. Our Heavenly Father shows mercy when He forgives us of our sins and helps us return to dwell in His presence (Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service, 2004, 51).


Please read and discuss the following video together as a family.



  • Are there things about your life you would like to “reclaim?” Can you help others reclaim their lives and make them beautiful?
  • Can the gospel help us to beautify our lives? Maybe the best way to beautify our lives is helping others reclaim theirs.


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