Minerva Teichert, Ammon Stands before Limhi,
Brigham Young University Museum of Art.


Alma 17:20–3918:1–40

For Younger Missionaries


  • What can we learn from Ammon’s declaration that he wished to dwell among the Ishmaelites?
  • How did Ammon’s service to the king prepare the way for later teaching? Can we incorporate this into our missionary efforts?
  • Ammon was “wise,” but “harmless.” How can we be wise in the timing and choosing whom we invite and how and what teach? What do we learn about the role of patience in missionary work? Is this inconsistent with the notion of “hastening the work?”

Learn from a Missionary: Ammon

Ammon, the Nephite missionary, provided an example for us. He had chosen to serve the Lamanite king and was sent to watch the flocks of Lamoni…. Now, we may read this as a story about some shepherds trying to round up some missing sheep, but the message is much more powerful and significant than that. Ammon was a missionary with noble intentions to bring the king and his kingdom back to the fold of righteousness, to the well of living water. The challenge looked daunting to those who could see only, in everyday terms, sheep strung out on hillsides and not enough manpower to round them up. They were discouraged and fearful that the king would discover their loss.

Ammon not only led the force to recapture the sheep, he drove away the evil men who caused the problems; and his heroic efforts persuaded the king to follow him and to follow the Savior.

Ammon teaches us that no matter our circumstances, we can be an example to others, we can lift them, we can inspire them to seek righteousness, and we can bear testimony … of the power of Jesus Christ…. Conversion requires consecrating our lives to caring for and serving others who need our help and to sharing our gifts and talents. The Lord didn’t say tend my sheep when it is convenient, watch my sheep when you aren’t busy. He said feed my sheep and my lambs; help them survive this world, keep them close to you. Lead them to safety—the safety of righteous choices that will prepare them for eternal life (Robert D. Hales, “When Thou Art Converted, Strengthen Thy Brethren,” Ensign, May 1997).


Ammon Teaches
King Lamoni


Ammon, a Great Servant


  • How did it help the missionary Ammon when he told Lamoni that he wanted to live with his people? Would it help us if we were willing to play with our friends?
  • How did it help Ammon when he asked Lamoni what he thought about God? Should we ask our friends about their beliefs?
  • How can you be a better missionary by being more like Ammon?


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