James Tissot, Jesus and the Little Child, Brooklyn Museum, Purchased by public subscription.


Matthew 25:41–46
Luke 10:25–37

For Younger Missionaries


  • How important is service to obtaining the kingdom of heaven? Then, does offering service opportunities qualify as missionary work?
  • Who is your neighbor? How many people do we encounter every day who have been spiritually beaten and robbed? Do we pass them by?


[An] insight coalesced as we moved an old, heavy refrigerator from the basement of an elderly sister Clayton home taught. We had tried to find another ward member to help us but could not. Desperate, we asked Jim, a nonmember neighbor, who happily agreed to help. It was a hot, horribly humid summer day, and soon our clothes were soaked with perspiration. When we reached the first turn in the staircase and had balanced the fridge on the landing, Jim said, “So tell me about the Mormon Church.”

Mopping his brow, Clayton responded, “Frankly, this is it.” He then explained how home teaching works and noted how much this sister needed us. We also told him that because graduate students and their families were moving in and out of our area all the time, our family was often helping someone load or unload a rental truck.

Jim was incredulous. “At our church we just listen to the sermon and go home. I have no idea who might need my help…. Will you ask for my help again when you need an extra pair of hands?…” Although Clayton had tried unsuccessfully to engage Jim in discussions about religion in the past, Jim was uninterested. But he was interested in opportunities to help others.

Here’s what this experience taught us: Many people who are satisfied with their lives feel a need to give service. The Light of Christ creates this desire to help. When our invitations to investigate the Church emphasize doctrine, we often do not connect with what people are looking for at the outset. When we involve them with us in serving others, they often find that the Church addresses an important need.

Inviting others to help us with our work in the Church helps them feel needed and helps them feel the Spirit. When these feelings come, many people often then realize that something has been missing from their lives (Clayton M. Christensen, “Seven Lessons on Sharing the Gospel,” Ensign, Feb. 2005).


Ask for Help


Ezra Taft Benson


  • Why is the Book of Mormon so important to missionary work?
  • Are you preparing by studying and memorizing scriptures from the Book of Mormon?


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